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thepkimdaiphat   〟100x200〟. Thép hộp 100x200, hộp 100x150x3, 50x100x1.2//HCN...
thepkimdaiphat   ⋯ 200x200⋯ Thép hộp 200x200, hộp 100x100x6, 80x80x8//HV 200x200x5,...
thepkimdaiphat   〔168〕..Thép ống mạ kẽm phi 168, ống 219x10, 114x8, phi 60x5//Ống...
thepkimdaiphat   '10x20'..6m. Thép hộp 10x20, 10x30x0.8, 20x40x1.2, 25x50x2.5/HCN...
thepkimdaiphat   「75x75」. Thép hộp 75x75, hộp 80x80x6, 100x100x8//HV 75x75x5, 75x75x6...
thepkimdaiphat   ∓273∓. Thép ống đúc phi 273, ống 114x6.02, phi 219x9.53//Ống SunCo...
thepkimdaiphat   200˟300..∓5%. Thép hộp 200x300, hộp Sunsteel 100x200x6,...
thepkimdaiphat   ✓100x100✓..6m. Thép hộp 100x100, 6m*200x200x8, 120x120x5//HV...
thepkimdaiphat   -13.8-*6m.Thép ống tròn mạ kẽm 13.8, ống đúc 34x2.5, 42x5//Ống hàn...
thepkimdaiphat   ═HCN mạ kẽm nhúng nóng 50x150═, hộp 50x100x3, hộp 100x150x3.5//HCN...
thepkimdaiphat   ﹢75x75﹢*6m..Thép hộp 75x75 -mạ kẽm nhúng nóng//...
thepkimdaiphat   ¨168*DN150¨..Thép ống hàn phi 168, phi 219x5.5, phi 273x6//Ống đúc...
thepkimdaiphat   »40*80«..Thép hộp 40x80, hộp 50x100x4, hộp 70x140x2//HCN 40x80x1.8,...
thepkimdaiphat   ▄80*80▄..Vuông 80x80*(TQ), hộp 100x100x5, hộp 120x120x6//Thép hộp...
thepkimdaiphat   ╵OD325╵.Thép ống đúc phi 325 (Đường kính 325), ống hàn 355, phi...
inoxgiatot   Chuyên cung cấp inox 304: Ống/Hộp - Tấm/Cuộn - Lap - U/V La đúc
thepkimdaiphat   ∞6m∞..Thép hộp chữ nhật 100x150(Q235*XD), hộp 50x100, hộp 40x80//HV...
thepkimdaiphat   150≆150..6m. Thép hộp 150x150, hộp NK*Q235, hộp 100x100, hộp...
thepkimdaiphat   ╷42*6m╷.Thép ống tròn 42 (DN32), thép ống 27, thép ống 114//Ống sắt...
thepkimdaiphat   ゚50*100 ゚..Thép hộp 50x100[6m*Q235], hộp 60x120, hộp 75x150//HCN...


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